A different Outlook on Social Media

Over the course of this class I have learned many new things about social media, far more than I ever thought I could or would. To be honest I always had thought that I knew a fair amount about social media and never thought I had anything else to learn regarding the subject.

However, after completion of this course it seems I was wrong. Social Media is a much broader subject than I thought. With many social media sites occupying the internet there is much to still learn.

My outlook has changed on social media regarding its scholarly aspect. I used to think that social media was only for “social” purposes. Merely to post photos, share updates, articles, or videos.

Because of this class and the exposure that I have received to other Social Media outlets I now understand just how far the reach of Social Media now extends. That sites exist outside of simple photos or statuses. Places to broaden horizons and gain knowledge, something that I believe has helped me grow as a student as well.



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