Are Wikis always the answer?

Wikis are resourceful, brief and convenient. They are a great way for teachers and students alike to collaborate and write about specific subjects.

Another advantage to wikis is that students aim to write and compose them from a place to help other students also understand the information that they are explaining. By having to write this way and explain it like this they also understand the topic and information better.

They can also work as a collaboration tool, students can work on a project as a group even if there is not a convenient time for them to meet in person. This is efficient and ensures that work and learning will also be done.

Through wikis students embrace and refine their technological skills as well as their writing and communication skills.

However, there are some disadvantages with using wikis. The editing can be done by anyone, even some with false information. Because of this feature users can not always be sure that they are receiving accurate information.

Also, students can only access wikis if they have internet connection and  access to computers, something that not all students have.

Wikis are helpful when you need a simple answer or a brief summary. In some cases its pros outweigh its cons, and sometimes they don’t. really, it all depends on what the user is searching for.



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