A different Outlook on Social Media

Over the course of this class I have learned many new things about social media, far more than I ever thought I could or would. To be honest I always had thought that I knew a fair amount about social media and never thought I had anything else to learn regarding the subject.

However, after completion of this course it seems I was wrong. Social Media is a much broader subject than I thought. With many social media sites occupying the internet there is much to still learn.

My outlook has changed on social media regarding its scholarly aspect. I used to think that social media was only for “social” purposes. Merely to post photos, share updates, articles, or videos.

Because of this class and the exposure that I have received to other Social Media outlets I now understand just how far the reach of Social Media now extends. That sites exist outside of simple photos or statuses. Places to broaden horizons and gain knowledge, something that I believe has helped me grow as a student as well.



Are Folksonomies Useful?

First, what are Folksonomies? Well, simply put, they are “a user defined method for organizing data”. Its a way to tag your posts and data so that they are easier to find and navigate.

Now, are they useful? Depends on who you ask! Like everything there are some pros and cons. Lets start with the pros. These tags allow users to classify their content in their own unique way. The more you tag and search through tags the narrower your search becomes and your results will then reflect this search and hopefully result in exactly what you’ve searched for.

Second, not only does this make searching easier it also allows users to find information that you have posted as well, thus bringing you more readers, buyers, really anything!

Cons? While tagging is very useful it also might allow the searcher to skip over something that they would not have seen otherwise. Also, because it is so new some people who post information don’t know how to tag or even to tag in the first place.

While they are still new, Folksonomies prove themselves to be very useful. Being able to categorize by subject, interests and genres helps break down the vast amount of information that the internet holds.

Are Wikis always the answer?

Wikis are resourceful, brief and convenient. They are a great way for teachers and students alike to collaborate and write about specific subjects.

Another advantage to wikis is that students aim to write and compose them from a place to help other students also understand the information that they are explaining. By having to write this way and explain it like this they also understand the topic and information better.

They can also work as a collaboration tool, students can work on a project as a group even if there is not a convenient time for them to meet in person. This is efficient and ensures that work and learning will also be done.

Through wikis students embrace and refine their technological skills as well as their writing and communication skills.

However, there are some disadvantages with using wikis. The editing can be done by anyone, even some with false information. Because of this feature users can not always be sure that they are receiving accurate information.

Also, students can only access wikis if they have internet connection and  access to computers, something that not all students have.

Wikis are helpful when you need a simple answer or a brief summary. In some cases its pros outweigh its cons, and sometimes they don’t. really, it all depends on what the user is searching for.


What it Means to “Get Smarter Here”

Upon joining the social site Newsvine and after much confusion I have come to realize just a few things about the site.

Although the site seeks to be a place where people are to grow and gather knowledge, and while I think that may in some cases be true, I am not sure users seek to challenge their  already established views.

When first entering the site it seems as if the site is primarily for politics and the articles shared represent this. Now I am not saying that the discussion of politics is something that is not valuable, especially given the heat surrounding politics today. I only mean that the purpose of the site in general is to engage in discussion that interests you, and I haven’t seen very many that do not have to do with politics. To engage in discussion you must first join “nations” but there are slim to none that are actually open to new users. You must request to join closed nations, which seem to never happen.

While reading more about Newsvine and its terms and conditions it seems as if Newsvine is not very good at evolving or being open. Yes, the closed nations do provide a sense of security and allow each nation to have conversation and debate within a community that they know share similar interest. However by not allowing new members to join for reasons not clarified I’m not sure how the site continues to operate and bring new users in. I understand no one wants to add a new user like the likes of us that have not established much if any creditability yet but it seems as if new members to nations are slim to none.

In conclusion I think it is clear my view of the site, but many of its long time users may disagree. However after this class has ended I’m sure Newsvine will not be getting any more of my attention.

Social Tagging and Safety

It seems as if a bridge has been crossed with social media. Upon its arrival into this world we were eager to introduce it into ever part of our lives. Paying no mind to how personal something can be or some information that could put us in more danger than we might think.

With social media I believe that there is a fine line that someone can cross. Sure blogging and tagging are a great way to connect and discuss similar topics. However, there comes a point in time when Social Media fully consumes the user.

By tagging every post like I said we are introduced to users that we would never usually cross paths with. Due to distance or social circles are a few reasons why. However who is actually sitting behind the screen?

I say this because as social media has evolved so has its security and professionalism (for those that would like it to be professional at least). Instagram is a great example. We used to be able to tag our location exactly to where we were, people would make up witty places but would not know that their location is available to all. The location is still an option to add, but has now been restricted to only places that truly exist on the map.

Companies have also started using a, even twitter. This allows its users to really interact with corporations that used to seem untouchable or unreachable unless you’re willing to go through a series of operators.

I think that while we have made great strides in the world of social media that it is still important to think about the safety behind tagging. Yes you may be opening yourself up to others with similar views but you vulnerable to harsh backlash for free speech.

Be careful next time you tag, you don’t know what sharks you may be attracting.

How Can Bookmarking and Tagging Benefit You

Its easy to get lost while exploring the endless amount of blogs that live online. Especially when your site acts as a portfolio to help you with the career of your dreams!

Thats where tagging and bookmarking comes in! With tagging, anyone searching a specific tag will be narrowed down to the blogs that also contain that tag. Which makes tagging any post an absolute necessity. This way, future employers can easily find you.

With bookmarking it allows you to group together a few sites and with this you may want to showcase, either on your own blog or on another site such as Newsvine. With this site you bookmark and tag specific posts that allow you to join a nation of people that are doing the same. Here you are also allowed to discuss among your peers of fellow interest. This furthers your network as well!

By using bookmarking and tagging you further not only your network but also allow new viewers to read your work. People that may not have been exposed to it otherwise.

Should Digital Art be considered Art?


Finding Time On The Go

We all know that inspiration and ideas can strike at some inconvient times. Perhaps we are deep in a project or trying to focus on the task at hand and have no pen or paper present.

We think to ourselves, “I’ll remember that, it’s such a good idea how in the world could I even forget it?” And then you do. It slips your mind and the haunts you for days to come. Your subconscious remindes you that that was probably the best idea you have ever had/will ever have.

All to say, I write this because I’ve been there too. I’ve been just out in the day, living my life when BAM, inspiration strikes. That is why I always keep my dear notes app on my phone close.

Mobility is what has inspired this post and mobility is what keeps a designer always plugged in. When they want to be at least. So write ideas down, and with the help of the app, you may even want to post about them right then.