Are Folksonomies Useful?

First, what are Folksonomies? Well, simply put, they are “a user defined method for organizing data”. Its a way to tag your posts and data so that they are easier to find and navigate.

Now, are they useful? Depends on who you ask! Like everything there are some pros and cons. Lets start with the pros. These tags allow users to classify their content in their own unique way. The more you tag and search through tags the narrower your search becomes and your results will then reflect this search and hopefully result in exactly what you’ve searched for.

Second, not only does this make searching easier it also allows users to find information that you have posted as well, thus bringing you more readers, buyers, really anything!

Cons? While tagging is very useful it also might allow the searcher to skip over something that they would not have seen otherwise. Also, because it is so new some people who post information don’t know how to tag or even to tag in the first place.

While they are still new, Folksonomies prove themselves to be very useful. Being able to categorize by subject, interests and genres helps break down the vast amount of information that the internet holds.


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